You are ready to finally be sought after as an expert in your industry and I believe that it starts with a book.

It starts with your book.

You’re yearning to step up as a visible and credible leader with your business. Speaking engagements? Bring them on. Being handpicked for an interview? Top of the list. Seen as one to watch in your community? Yes please.

But the reality is that you feel like not enough of your ideal are seeing you, and you’re struggling to stay visible consistently. You’re being constantly skipped over and you’re frustrated because you know that you have so much to give.


It is time to grow your business by sharing your message.

It is time to tell your story and be seen.

I wrote Write. Publish. Market. to help you do exactly that. It is the step-by-step blueprint for creative entrepreneurs to help them go from the dream of writing a book to holding their book in their own hands.

For a long time possibly, writing a book has been a desire in your heart. You’re not alone: 81 percent of Americans want to write a book, too. You’ve wondered if you had what it takes and if you even have the time. I think you do.

Because you’re not going to be one of the many who dreams it, but never does it. The fact that writing a book is on your heart now makes today your perfect time to start.

There is a story locked inside of you that needs to be told. When you step up to tell it and offer it to the world, it will inevitably grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. And it can be done in such a way that fits with your schedule and timeline.

Where you once felt invisible and just hacking your way through business, you now are a confident entrepreneur with a published book to offer your audience. That’s the difference between an amateur and an expert. And I am going to take you there.

Write. Publish. Market. shows you how to:

  • Shift your mindset from business owner to writer
  • Craft a research plan to support your writing plan and schedule
  • Find a cover designer so your book makes a great first impression.
  • Prepare your manuscript for print and ebook publication
  • Create a successful book launch plan and marketing strategy


I’m Jodi, your mentor for all things book publishing.

With more than 20 years’ experience in book publishing, I spend my days as a book writing / publishing coach and editor taking my insider knowledge of the industry to help creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs become published authors. I spill all my best secrets out in these pages.

I believe that you have something to say. I see just how willing you are to get to work. I know that it is time for you to write your book and grow your business.



Want to know what's inside?

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Write
    • Chapter 1: Your Why, What, and Who: Goals, Topic, and Audience
    • Chapter 2: A Writer’s Mindset
    • Chapter 3: Prewriting
    • Chapter 4: First Draft and Revising
  • Part II: Publish
    • Chapter 5: Manuscript Preparation
    • Chapter 6: Editing: Get Your Writing Right
    • Chapter 7: Formatting Your Book Interior: It’s Gotta Look Good!
    • Chapter 8: First Impressions: Cover and Title
    • Chapter 9: Publication Through Amazon
    • Chapter 10: Distribution
  • Part III: Market
    • Chapter 11: Feedback, Testimonials, and Reviews
    • Chapter 12: Launch Plan
  • Conclusion
  • Glossary of Book Publishing Terms
  • About the Author

Writing your book isn’t for your bucket list; it is for today. Publishing doesn’t have to be hard. I am bringing my insight and belief in you along with a dynamic blueprint that will take you from just dreaming it to doing it.


Let’s get writing. After all, the world is waiting.