It’s time to up-level your business, either to gain more visibility or to increase your income. But how? As a small business, there’s only so much time in the day and only so many ways to make growth happen.

A book is the perfect, in-hand tool to up-level your business. Think of it as your 200-page business card. As an author, you’ll gain more visibility and credibility, making you the go-to expert in your industry. The person big-name clients seek out and the expert that’s invited to speak at high-profile conferences and events. Your book could be a passive income stream or, even better, allow you to increase your rates.

Be honest: Isn’t writing a book something you’ve thought about forever?

My 20 years in the publishing world have taught me that the biggest reason people don’t finish writing is that they don’t have a plan. That’s why planning is an integral part of the process I teach my clients. You’ll know just how to fit book writing into your schedule so it actually gets done, how to start, and how to organize (your ideas, your research, AND your manuscript).



Writing a book is no small task.

It requires consistency, dedication and focus—all of which are difficult to maintain while running a business full time or working a day job with a side hustle. Not to mention all the moving parts that go into writing and self-publishing. I hope I don’t need to tell you that you can’t just throw together a few thousand words, upload the document to Amazon, and call it good.

What if you could have all the support and TIME you needed to produce a professional-quality book, alongside other like-minded professionals? I’ve heard you asking! Now it’s here.



The Write Life is an 8-week, intimate book-planning and book-writing mastermind that culminates in an in-person writing retreat. It’s the tool that will allow you to make your book concept and dream a reality. If you commit and follow through, you’ll leave with the manuscript you want to get your message out and grow your business.

But The Write Life isn’t just a Facebook group where you can drop questions and then write in solitude. It’s so much more than that. During the 8-week mastermind, beginning mid-April, we’ll meet weekly on Zoom. Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Access to a 20-year publishing industry veteran (yep, that's me)
  • Writing Studio: dedicated writing time in manageable pockets (in other words, accountability)
  • A safe space to ask questions, reflect on your writing, and get honest feedback
  • A hand to hold onto throughout the whole writing and publishing process:
    • Know-how on topic research
    • Project schedule and organization
    • Ideas on where to start your writing process
    • Why you need keywords in your book title/subtitle
    • How to price your book
    • Where to get your ISBN (and why you need your own)
    • The book cover design process
    • Word count basics
    • More! (Basically, if you’ve got the question, I’ll find you the answer.)

At the end of those eight weeks (June 1-4), we’ll meet in person for an intimate retreat in suburban Philadelphia that will be both action-oriented and relaxed. You’ll have quiet time to write at your leisure in a cozy, fun space, as well as instructional sessions covering self-publishing, marketing, and more (basically, I’ll answer for you what comes next, once your manuscript is written). The weekend will be productive and distraction-free, and I’ll be there to answer questions and even review your work (if you want!). You’ll make an intention for the retreat beforehand and then we’ll create an individualized schedule that allows you to meet that intention.

Writing a book is a personal process that is often lost on our loved ones. You need to surround yourself with your new book-writing BFFs who know first-hand the challenges (and frustration and mindset struggles) you face. That’s why The Write Life is very limited—with only eight spots total.

If writing a book is on your 2017 goal list, get started now.



Your Investment

One-on-one coaching and publishing support can cost thousands of dollars when it’s all said and done. And a mastermind retreat is usually equally pricey. But The Write Life gives you access to this support, and a quiet getaway for writing, for a fraction of the cost. At $1,800 all-inclusive (aside from travel expenses), it’s the real deal.



Need or want me to spell out what that gets you? No problem!

  • 8-week mastermind consisting of Writing Studio time on Zoom AND book writing content
  • Virtual book planning kickoff
  • Peer support and professional guidance
  • Accountability
  • Bonus education from a book cover designer, copyright lawyer, and PR guru
  • Lodging and meals during the three-night/four-day in-person retreat


“When I decided to write my book, I was so unsure and a bit insecure about the entire process. This was my first book, so I really didn’t know more than what I had read in the books about publishing a book. So a great deal of uncertainty came with that scenario. But from the first email until this day, Jodi is more than I could have imagined. I felt like I had someone on my team cheering for me. She’s such a warm presence and her energy makes you feel safe, secure, and supported.”
– Monique Melton




My Guarantee

Of course every book and every author is different, so it’s impossible to promise your book will be the next New York Times bestseller. But I can tell you this: Show up with a concept in mind, do the homework, commit to writing, and you’ll come away with a book ready for the Amazon presses after the retreat.

But all I want is to just write. Do I really need all the added support?

Yes, absolutely. Writing a book is more than just putting words in a Word document. There’s a process involved, one that can often mean the difference between a published book and a Word document still sitting on your computer three years from now.

I just don’t have time to commit to one more thing.

I get it. You’re busy running a business and clients come first. Trust me, I get it! But if writing a book is on your dream board, it’s not going to get done without the accountability and support you’ll find in The Write Life. This isn’t just one more thing. It’s THE thing that will get your book out of your head and into the hands of your audience.



“As a small business owner, I have quickly learned the value of hiring and working with experts. When I sat down to write my first ebook, I knew I was going to need a solid editor to help me turn it into a polished, professional product. I like simple, and she made the whole process simple and straightforward. She’s knowledgeable, provides valuable and useful feedback, timely responses, and was very easy to work with.”
– Sarah Gill, Purple Unicorn LLC



The Write Life is perfect for you if you…

  • Are a creative entrepreneur who works primarily in the online space
  • Have an idea for a book but no idea where to start
  • Have had “write a book” on your to-do list for longer than you care to admit
  • Started your book but struggle with making the time to write
  • Have questions galore about the book writing and publishing process but don’t have a 1:1 writing coach in your budget
  • Want a quiet space away from your kids (or husband or dogs or whatever else distracts you in your home) to write

If you’re ready to commit to your dream of authorship, you’ll walk away from The Write Life with the knowledge you need to turn your manuscript into a book. We’ll talk marketing and timelines and what happens after you’re done writing. Your book will give you the credibility and visibility you need to be the go-to leader in your industry. And you’ll be able to add the title “author” to your email signature. Pretty cool!

Let’s get started.

The mastermind begins on April 13 and runs through the retreat, June 1 through 4.
Writing a book is typically a solitary event, but you don’t have to do it alone. The Write Life is here to help.



About Jodi

Jodi is a 20-year veteran of the publishing industry. She’s worked in some of the top publishing companies in the nation, and now helps solopreneurs and creative business owners self-publish to become leaders in their industries. She is also a speaker and author of Write. Publish. Market. From Idea to Published Book: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Blueprint.



Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers.


When does the mastermind start?
The mastermind will start the week of April 13 with the writing retreat taking place June 1 through 4.

Where is the writing retreat?
The Write Life retreat will take place in Philadelphia. We’ll take over an inn, the perfect place to cozy up with a cup of coffee or hot tea and get your writing on. And the mastermind? You’ll be able to access our group and support from anywhere with an internet connection.

Do you accept payments?
Absolutely. You can buy in full or reserve your spot with a downpayment

Will I have time on my own to really focus on my writing?
The Write Life retreat is designed specifically for alone, private writing time. You’ll have time to connect with other attendees, but you will have your own private room where you can decompress each evening. Hang out and write in your room during the day or use the common areas as your writing zone of genius and connection—whatever is more comfortable for you. We will have some structured sessions, but the majority of the time you are on your own to write, ask me questions, take notes, consult with a book designer and more.