Welcome to the Should I Write a Book? Challenge
May 9–12, 2016

I’m so glad you’re joining us! A whopping 80% of Americans have “write a book” on their bucket list. Are you one of them? And if so, is this the right time? It is if you are ready to scale your business.

Each morning in the Heart Centered Biz Bosses group, hosted by Reina Pomeroy, I’ll be posting a video to introduce the day’s topic that includes action on your part, accompanied by a worksheet to assist you. (Not a member of the group yet? Join us here so you can be part of this challenge — and stay for the amazing community and friendship there.)

If you need to get caught up, don’t worry. You can find everything you need for the challenge right here.


Day 1: Ideas: Brain Dumping Leads
to Organization

Day 2: Fears: What's Holding You Back?


Day 3: Writing Challenge

Day 4: Goal(s): What a Book Can Do for You (and Your Business)


cart opens Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book Prep Bootcamp: Step-by-Step Plan to Get Ready To Write Your Book