“Jodi is a total pro and a joy to work with.  I was nervous about sending my book to anyone because I knew it needed a good work over. Jodi put me at ease and met my super-tight time line. I am forever grateful. Finalizing The Real-Life Bride Guide was one huge goal I could not have met without Jodi's help. Forever thankful for your services!”

-debbie shadid
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“I loved working with Jodi. She far exceeded my expectations during my copyediting experience! She had my 100 page book edited within days and gave great suggestions to help clarify my ideas to my readers. This not only allowed me the proper edits I needed for the book but also moved my launch date up further. Thank you for your hard work, Jodi!”

-sarah sunstrom
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Working with Jodi was one of the reasons why I felt at ease in the writing process in the first place. Beyond writing, I knew that if I had any questions, she would be there to help. While Jodi is a great editor, during the process, she was more than that. She became a confidant, a sounding board, and a supportive figure that helped in shaping the book. During the typesetting process, we experienced some technical glitches and Jodi was thoughtful and thorough in her comments so that we could have the best version of the book possible. I'm looking forward to writing the next book and working with her again!

-reina pomeroy
Co-Author, Big Plan for the Creative Mind


“As a small business owner I have quickly learned the value of hiring and working with experts. When I sat down to write my first ebook, I knew I was going to need a solid writing editor to help me turn it into a polished, professional product. I want to bring value to my clients and readers in sharing my ideas, thoughts and experiences, and that includes delivering it in the best way I possibly can. Working with Jodi as my ebook editor was wonderful. She's knowledgeable, provides valuable and useful feedback, timely responses, and she was very easy to work with. I like simple, and she made the whole process simple and straightforward. Using the Google Drive platform I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to accomplish our goals of editing my ebook over distance (I live on the other side of the country!). I highly recommend Jodi Brandon Editorial for any business owner interested in writing blogs, ebooks, or nonfiction books. I will gladly hire Jodi again for future work!”

-sarah gill
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“When I decided to write my book, EntrepreFriendships, I was so unsure and a bit insecure about the entire process. This was my first book, so I really didn't know more than what I had read in the books about publishing a book. So a great deal of uncertainty came with that scenario. But from the first email til this day, Jodi is more than I could have imagined. She's prompt, kind, thorough, thoughtful and really in it for you. I felt like I had someone on my team cheering for me. I recommend her to everyone I can because everyone deserves to work with someone like Jodi--smart, loving, supportive and really loves what she does. She's such a warm presence and her energy makes you feel safe, secure and supported. I highly recommend working with Jodi--hands down without a doubt!!!”

Monique Melton

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Having Jodi on my team during the book-publishing process was incredibly valuable. She is knowledgeable, attentive, and warm. Not once will you question whether you're in good hands with her; she feels like a trusted friend. Her superb editing and proofreading skills allowed me to feel that much more confident when my book entered the marketplace.

Emily Souder


“Jodi, again, thank you and thank you more. Together we have turned this into something I feel good about. You are the best!”

Leslie Gallery-Dilworth

“Jodi edited my first book and she was an absolute joy to work with. She asked probing questions that enabled me to clarify my message and had many suggestions that made the book flow much better. Her comments and suggestions were helpful without being dictatorial, as I still had control of the book and its contents. Jodi was with me every step of the way and paid attention to details. My book is much better due to her collaborative efforts. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Lorraine Maita, MD

“I am delighted with what you have done. You have made my writing flow with ease.”

- joanne brocas

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“Jodi is fast and fastidious. Had she not come to my rescue, I’d have disappeared in a blizzard of endnotes.”

- Joshua Prager